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A/C Repair in Slidell

Slidell Air Conditioning and Heating


Living in Southern Louisiana we cannot go without air conditioning for too long in the summer.  And because we are so used to living in heat, even 45 degree weather is freezing for us.  This means we don’t want our heater to go out in the winter.

If you have called up your local AC repair main in the August, you will usually be lucky to have someone come to your home within 72 hours.  Then they have to order the parts from the AC supplier.  Upon the parts shipping to Slidell, your HVAC guy  has to then come out and finish the work.

You want a good AC guy that has that process streamlined and efficient.  If you are looking for a good local, top ranked AC and heater install and repairman, you need to look no further than Blums A/C and Heat.