Choosing a Tool Drawer

Tool enthusiasts acquire a number of working tools to meet their work needs. Unless, the tools are properly organised, the amount of money spent on these work tools will not equalize the benefits they provide. For proper tools organization and maintenance, it is crucial to find an appropriate tool drawer that fulfils the storage needs.

Variety of Tool drawers’ options 

Various companies have developed and made available a variety of quality tool drawers for proper tool maintenance and organization. In choosing the correct tool drawer, you will need to rely on your judgement of your storage needs. In evaluating the storage needs, you will need to consider the storage capacity you require, the available space for accommodating the tool drawer, the quality and design of the tool drawer.

Considering storage capacity

When evaluating the storage capacity need, anticipate the tools that you may add to your tool collection in near future. If the collection is huge, it is necessary to find a heavy-duty storage solution with wheels for easy carriage.

Friction and ball bearing drawer slides

Friction drawer slides are ideal for light-weighted tools and are comparatively cheaper than ball bearing drawer slides. Ball bearing drawer slides provide greater stability and are suitable for large tool drawers.

Quality of Casters and tool drawer

If the tool drawer is heavy duty, check the quality of casters on them. High quality casters make the drawer easy to move. Also, check the tool drawer for high gauge of steel; they ensure high durability.

Tool drawer design

The choice of tool drawer design depends on the type of tools. The purchaser must evaluate based on the number of large and small tools in the tool collection. When purchasing, find a tool drawer that fills the width of the space where the drawer is to be placed. Bottom box boxes are usually 26”, 41” or 56” in width.